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This blog shows some recent work that is not on the website and work in progress.

Stinking Iris (iris foetidissima)

Uncategorised Posted on 26 Mar, 2020 20:28

I was inspired to paint this after seeing them growing at West Dean College near Chichester where I attended an art course in January. It flowers from May to July and is so called because the leaves give off an unpleasant smell if they are bruised or crushed. Found in woods or hedgerows the bright colours of the seed heads and leaves make it an attractive subject.

Ivy Leaf

Uncategorised Posted on 26 Feb, 2020 20:48

This decaying ivy leaf had developed beautiful colours in the depths of winter.

Parasol Mushroom

Uncategorised Posted on 26 Feb, 2020 20:33

This impressive mushroom was found growing in a grassy area. The cap can grow to 18cm across.

Visit to West Dean

Uncategorised Posted on 12 Jan, 2020 18:40

Last weekend I attended a course at West Dean College in Chichester entitled ‘Painting Texture and Detail in Nature’. This is a composition I worked on. I chose the subjects because the colours complimented each other and they made a pleasing composition.

Squash/rosehips/chilli/orange slice


Uncategorised Posted on 11 Dec, 2019 20:40

I loved painting this small, colourful squash.

St John’s School Christmas fair

Uncategorised Posted on 02 Dec, 2019 20:19

Lots of interest in my work at this busy craft fair in Leatherhead over the weekend, with some good card sales.

More Sales…..

Paintings Posted on 22 Nov, 2019 08:31

Two of my small paintings off to new homes this week along with the Swiss Meadow painting below following the NDBA exhibition in Leatherhead.

North Downs Botanical Artists Exhibition

Paintings Posted on 11 Nov, 2019 20:21

The lovely poster advertising our exhibition with my yellow and red tulips featured on the far right and a view of the exhibition below.

I was delighted to sell the painting shown above based on wild flowers I drew on a walking holiday in Switzerland entitled ‘Flowers from Swiss Meadows’.
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