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This blog shows some recent work that is not on the website and work in progress.

Lichen Project

Uncategorised Posted on 07 Feb, 2021 18:03
Sarah Morrish of Illustrating Nature’s Details ran a project recently to draw a lichen mosaic which I took part in. I am interested in lichens and have several guides to them although most are extremely difficult to identify. These are common lichen that I found in local woods. I photographed them and enlarged the pictures so that I could see the detail to draw them. They are clockwise from top left – Lecidella elaeochroma, Ramalina farinacea, Xanthoria parietina and Evernia prunastri and are all found on bark or twigs.


Uncategorised Posted on 31 Jan, 2021 15:21

A departure from my normal subject matter of plants today. I have been watching these redwings recently in the trees outside my windows. They are very attractive birds with their plumage resembling a thrush and the red streaks under their wings. They are related to the thrush but smaller. They feast on berries and one of their favourites are the rowan berries which I have painted . They migrate to the UK in the winter from the colder climates of Iceland and Scandinavia where they spend the warmer months.

Drawings for a Winter Book

Uncategorised Posted on 09 Jan, 2021 19:32
I have recently been working on these drawings/paintings for a handmade book of winter subjects to follow on from the autumn book I made previously. The individual leaves are painted on Lokta paper which gives them a natural appearance due to the texture of the paper which is made from the bark of the Lokta bush found in the Himalayas. Although destined for the book the paintings make an attractive picture when combined together. A few more subjects still to add before the collection is complete.

Autumn Tapestry

Uncategorised Posted on 21 Dec, 2020 20:37

A watercolour collection of autumn finds from our weekend walks in Surrey

Yellow Flag Iris

Uncategorised Posted on 13 Oct, 2020 20:50

I completed this painting today by adding the seed heads. The iris was painted in June but the seed heads were not formed until September. It was an interesting subject to paint and I particularly enjoyed the seed heads.

Jersey Tiger Moths

Uncategorised Posted on 31 Aug, 2020 20:21
These Jersey Tiger Moths are common in Southern England from July to September and they are increasing in number according to Butterfly Conservation. I recently sighted them on yucca and conifer and their stunning colouring and wing patterns inspired the to paint them.


Uncategorised Posted on 23 Jul, 2020 20:55
These radishes were another colourful subject from the Riverford Farm box.

Wayside Grasses

Uncategorised Posted on 07 Jul, 2020 20:25
Recently I have begun to take an interest in the huge variety of grasses to be seen when out walking in fields, on rough ground and on grass verges. Many of them are very attractive when observed closely. I have painted four common grasses that can be found on waysides. I have identified them as l-r Italian Ryegrass, Catstail, Wall Barley and Creeping Bent. The butterfly, added for interest, is a Small Heath.

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