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This blog shows some recent work that is not on the website and work in progress.

Original paintings on cards

Uncategorised Posted on 05 Sep, 2021 13:53
Small original watercolour paintings mounted on cards made for my stall at a local craft fair.

Spring Flowers

Uncategorised Posted on 21 Jun, 2021 20:13
Spring flowers from my small garden

Colourful Tulips

Uncategorised Posted on 11 Jun, 2021 21:25
These tulips grew from bulbs I planted in my small garden. Their bright, colourful patterns were a welcome sight at the end of winter and a good subject for painting.

Handmade Book of Winter

Uncategorised Posted on 01 May, 2021 12:29
‘Images of Winter’, a handmade book of winter. I made the images for this over the last two winters and have finally put it all together. Many of the specimens were collected on winter walks or painted from photographs I took. The lichen mosaic at the end was done as part of a project run by natural history artist Sarah Morrish over last winter. The book comprises watercolour and pen and ink illustrations. The single leaves are painted on Lokta paper which gives them some texture and a realistic look.

Blue Tit

Uncategorised Posted on 07 Mar, 2021 17:22

The Blue Tit is a native British bird common in gardens, parks and woodland. I have pictured him on a hawthorn branch. They have a three year life span and feed on insects, caterpillars, fruit, seeds and berries. This painting was done from a photograph taken by a friend.

Warty Ornamental Gourd

Uncategorised Posted on 28 Feb, 2021 11:12

This gourd was an interesting subject to paint with all the lumps and bumps!

Lichen Project

Uncategorised Posted on 07 Feb, 2021 18:03
Sarah Morrish of Illustrating Nature’s Details ran a project recently to draw a lichen mosaic which I took part in. I am interested in lichens and have several guides to them although most are extremely difficult to identify. These are common lichen that I found in local woods. I photographed them and enlarged the pictures so that I could see the detail to draw them. They are clockwise from top left – Lecidella elaeochroma, Ramalina farinacea, Xanthoria parietina and Evernia prunastri and are all found on bark or twigs.


Uncategorised Posted on 31 Jan, 2021 15:21

A departure from my normal subject matter of plants today. I have been watching these redwings recently in the trees outside my windows. They are very attractive birds with their plumage resembling a thrush and the red streaks under their wings. They are related to the thrush but smaller. They feast on berries and one of their favourites are the rowan berries which I have painted . They migrate to the UK in the winter from the colder climates of Iceland and Scandinavia where they spend the warmer months.

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