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This blog shows some recent work that is not on the website and work in progress.

Sunflower Seed heads

Paintings Posted on 03 Nov, 2019 10:23

These sunflowers were growing abundantly on an allotment. The seed heads are left for the birds to feed on during the winter months. I love the variety of blacks and browns in the dead stalks, leaves and heads which are quite complex to paint.


Paintings Posted on 13 Oct, 2019 18:42

It’s October and time to paint another squash before they disappear for another year.


Paintings Posted on 14 Sep, 2019 13:11

A small painting of cherries for a handmade card destined for my stall at St Johns School Christmas Fair in Leatherhead, Surrey November.

Blue Atlas Cedar

Paintings Posted on 14 Sep, 2019 13:08

This is a small branch of developing cones from a Blue Atlas Cedar found on a walk through the arboretum at Exeter University.

Milk Thistle seed head

Paintings Posted on 30 Aug, 2019 21:11

By mid July the Milk thistle flower has transformed into an impressive seed head.

Milk Thistle

Paintings Posted on 08 Aug, 2019 20:31

This plant is a herb related to the daisy family. An extract from the milk thistle seeds can be used to treat diseases relating to the liver.

These thistles grow several feet tall and the spikes on the sepals surrounding the flower and on the leaves are razor sharp.


Paintings Posted on 18 Jun, 2019 20:49

These poppies were growing on a grassy bank alongside the estuary at Bosham in Sussex providing a beautiful splash of colour. They are common poppies which grow in rough grassland, roadsides and farmland.

Black Tulips

Paintings Posted on 02 Jun, 2019 13:06

These tulips were in a pot in my garden. The colour is stunning and I just had to paint them.

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