Silver Birch

There’s always something interesting to paint even at the end of winter before the spring flowers arrive. I was inspired by this silver birch branch that I picked up on Albury Heath in January. Having enjoyed painting the butterfly in the bramble painting below I decided to do another to bring some life to this little painting.

Sold this week (19th May) at the Sutton Arts Network exhibition smiley.

More Graphite

Today I collected the drawing below from the framing shop. I decided to invest in professional framing as I could not find a ready made frame in a light wood which I though would enhance the drawing. It is destined for an exhibition in London and I will not know until the end of March if it has been accepted. The larch cones were very difficult to draw and took numerous attempts but I am pleased with the final result and the composition. Sold at the ‘Society of Botanical Artists’ exhibition in Westminster !

Graphite Drawing

This week I have been working on a graphite drawing of blackberries which I started last Autumn. I have been adding more tone and have added the Meadow Brown butterfly for some interest. I am planning to frame this and submit it to an exhibition this year.
I am showing a close up of part of the drawing here and am still deciding if it is finally finished!