3 thoughts on “Lily”

  1. Hello Debbie, its Barbara just looking at your beautiful work.
    I especially like the lily but the redwing is probably my
    favourite still, I think you mentioned that your Mum has
    the original painting. Emma and I would like to buy some of
    your cards Debbie and would like to come to one of the
    Fairs, can you tell us when they are?

    1. Dear Barbara

      Thank you for looking at my work.

      I do not have any more fairs booked yet for this year. I may book one in Wallington again in October and/or one at Bourne Hall nearer Christmas. If you are interested in cards I can arrange to bring a selection to you maybe one Sunday morning when we are walking. I do have some of the redwing. I sell the printed cards for £1.50 each and I also have some original paintings (actual watercolours) mounted on cards at £3.00
      each. Let me know if you are interested and then we can definitely walk your way one Sunday! best wishes Debbie

      1. Thanks Debbie, yes I would certainly like to buy some of your cards especially the actual
        watercolour variety , but would like to see the others as well. Yes that sounds a good idea, we
        must arrange a Sunday.

        Best wishes Barbara and Emma.

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